Kamila Wykrota

Kamila Wykrota

Kamila Wykrota will provide us with tools, hacks, habits and supporting data necessary to create a sustainable culture of innovativeness.

Kamila is passionate about bringing mindfulness into the business world. She is the founder of Mind Your Mind – foundation aiming at introducing mindfulness in the corporate sector in Europe. She is also the creator of the 2-month mentorship program for leaders.

She is an economist and a business advisor with nearly 20 years of corporate experience, including top positions in the global advisory company. Her business and strategic advisory included: M&A, PPP structuring, portfolio optimization.

Kamila is a certified mindfulness coach and got her diploma from The Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA) in Germany, which is the oldest training institute for mindfulness-based approaches on the European Continent. She bridges mindfulness with emotional intelligence and modern neuroscience.

Recently, Kamila joined Kalkstein, which is a leading human and organizational potential company in Poland. e-mail: k.wykrota@kalkstein.pl